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Just like humans, some dogs relay on a working and dependable wheelchair. Here at Dog Wheelchairz you will find a great assortment of dog wheelchairs, lift harnesses, ramps and splints. Along with many of the necessary tools to help care for your special pet.

Animal health care is just as important as health care for us. So whether you are looking for an extra supportive bed for your pet or a carrier we’ve got it all.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you again soon for all your pets needs.

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How To Give Your Dog A Bath

Even if your dog uses a dog wheelchair you can still give them a proper bath. Dogs just like people need to be bathed too. Bathing your dog can help him/her have a much more healthy life. Unless your dog has a skin problem he/she should be bathed about once a month. Here are some easy steps to get your pup clean.



  • Supplies. Gather all your supplies you will need such as shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush and so on. Having all your supplies on hand will greatly improve the time it will take to get the job done.


  • Brush. Brushing your dog before a bath will get a lot of excess hair off, as well as to work through anything stuck to their fur and get knots out.


  • Fill Tub. Stop the drain in your tub and fill it with about 4 to 6 inches of water depending on your dogs height. Make sure not to over fill the tub with water doing this can be harmful to your pet and can also make cleaning a lot harder to do.


  • Shampoo. Using small amounts, lather soap up by working it on palms first. Apply shampoo in circular motions and massaging it into dogs fur from head to tail.


  • Condition. Dogs do not need to be conditioned but conditioning your dogs fur after a bath can help it stay healthy, soft, and will help when brushing his or her fur afterwards. Work into fur and let sit for about 2 to 3 min.


  • Rinse. Take a large cup and begin rinsing your dog with clean luke warm water from the tap. When rinsing your dog make sure to get out all of the soap and conditioner. Leaving soap and conditioner in your dogs fur can lead to skin irritation.


  • Dry. Before lifting dog out of the tub wrap him or her in a clean dry towel and pat until fur is mostly dry. Try to avoid rubbing fur with towel this can cause the fur to become matted and irritated the skin underneath.


  • Brush. Brushing your dog after its bath will help to avoid future matting and can greatly improve your dogs over all fur health.

Now that your doggie is all clean go have some fun.You can find all the best pet supplies here at dog wheelchairz!

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Pet Grooming Is A Must Do

Looking Sharp

Pet grooming is just as important as our daily grooming. Having a well groomed pet can make a big difference in the pets health and also attitude. It can reduce the cost of veterinary bills in the future.

Soft And Shiny

We have a big collection of the very best brushes and nail clippers. We also have great dental products to ensure the best health for your dogs mouth.

Little More Pep In Their Step

So if you are looking to quick trim them or just a full on pet make over! dog wheelchairz has all your pet grooming needs.

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Products to help with your dogs mobility

Looking for the scoop?

If your looking for a dog wheelchair that will aid in your dogs ability to become more mobile you can find it shown here at Dog Wheelchairz.  Featured here are many different styles with features to support various sizes and weights of your dog.

Ramps to aid your dogs entry into your vechicle

Designed for easy access to your vehicles for your dog these ramps allow for a gradual climb for easier entry without you having to lift them or them having to jump or climb.  These helps to promote a safer environment for your dog to go with you when you are traveling.

Lift harnesses to aid in walking

If you pet needs a little help with walking you will find a great assortment of lift harnesses that allow you to help bear some of the weight of your dog which is very helpful if you have to go up stairs or walk for any distance.  Browse around and find just the right dog wheelchair, ramp or lift harness to help with your pets mobility.

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